We know that the medieval fantasy MMORPG – Albion Online will melt on fans computers on July 17th. What we didn’t know, but found out from Sandbox Interactive is that the game’s final update before launch dubbed Hector, will be applied on June 7th. The Hector update adds a bunch of additions and changes, including the new Black Market vendor, a massive overhaul of the Outlands, a revamp of the Hellgates and more.
The new Black Market vendor is “specialized” in buying items from crafters and redistributing them to the mobs and chests of Albion. With the improved Outlands, cities will be removed in favor of a single Caerleon portal; The revamped Hellgates includes not only a new, pentagram-shaped map, but also new mechanics and minibosses, along with three different difficulties.
New mounts and a updated player experience are also included. You can learn more about Hector from the Albion Online site.
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