NCsoft concluded the first Closed Beta Test for its forthcoming MMORPG Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance. Set in the world of its predecessor, Lineage, its main storyline begins 70 years after the events from Lineage. The game allows players to assume the role of an “Eternal”, who is chosen by the Goddess of death. During the 1st CBT , players were able to recruit and play as 13 hero classes. Lineage Eternal offers the possibility to choose 4 hero classes and form your squad. You will lead the squad and be able to switch between the 4 heroes that you chose. This way, all heroes receive the same amount of experience points, so you don’t have to level each class separately, and decide depending on the situation, which skills you need.

Apparently the gameplay experience has been changed from a Diablo style to a Granado Espada style. According to participant at the CBT ” “Guys, Lineage Eternal – this is not a clone of Diablo 3. Lineage Eternal – not Lineage Android and not a game for the tablet. Lineage Eternal – is the successor of the glorious traditions of such a large and well-known isometric ¬†games like Lineage I, Ultima Online, Ragnarok Online.” While we wait the schedule for the second CBT, I leave you with some CBT gameplay videos crafted by Steparu.
Source> goha


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