Meet the masters story continues with Koom, a defensive juggernaut from Master X Master. Koom is a guardian from planet Akum, who focuses on protecting its allies. Master’s arsenal
contains the following weapons and skills:
– akumite fragments are shards of ore fired through magnetic fields in Koom’s hands that act as railcannons; this weapon can be augmented to increase its range, shrapnel and attack speed;
– granite sheeath – his exterior becomes coated with a thin layer of granite, absorbing the next 400 damage;
– unstoppable will – he gains will when he deals or receives damage;
– impervious stone – becomes undying for 4 seconds, after which he recovers 20% of his maximum HP;
– runeslab barricade – it causes a slab of stone to burst fro the target area, blocking enemy attacks;
– crashing defense;
– magnetic barrier;
– unstable shell.
Watch him performing in the video bellow!
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