MXM’s next public Closed Beta test has been announced and another hero joins the game’s crowd of masters. NCsoft heralds that the next public test will be held between April 6-27. This extended test includes an all-new build of MXM, with improved visuals, new features, and a bunch of masters from which you can choose.

Statesman, a signature hero from NCsoft’s MMO – City of Heroes will join Master X Master. Statesman arsenal contains the following weapon and skills:
– fist of justice is the main weapon of this new master;
– olympian bolts – delivers several lightning bolts that deal damage and slow struck enemies by 30% for 4 seconds;
– flying haymaker – quickly fly to the target location to strike an emeny within 3m;
– foot stomp – causes a shock wave within a 4.5m radius that knocks enemies back;
– dull pain – recovers 10% max HP and removes all debuffs;
– heroism – increases movespeed by 5% and defense by 10%;
– unyielding;
– unstoppable.
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