Aion 5.6: Omens of Ice has been announced by NCsoft for the North American servers. Scheduled to be deployed on July 19th, Omens of Ice will add a large variety of new features that will further expand the game world of Atreia. Three new instances, two new PvP arenas, minions and other changes are included in the Aion 5.6 update. Bastion of Souls puts up to 12 Daevas to search for the last surviving member of a secret detachment sent to investigate a mysterious place that appeared in Reshanta. The Trials of Eternity instance engages a group of Daevas to infiltrate deeper into the Tower of Eternity with the mission of finding a artifact that can save or destroy Atreia. In Crucible Spire, the strongest Daevas will battle alone to the top.

Grand Arena of Tenacity expanded and a new Tournament is now available for groups of 6, which can fight against each other for fame and rewards.
Evergale Canyon is a special PvPvE instance that will pit 24v24 players against each other in order to gain control over an artifact.
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