Awakened Legacy is Aion’s forthcoming update


NCSoft’s free-to-play and discreet MMO – Aion Online, heralds its forthcoming massive update called Awakened Legacy. Scheduled for October 24th, Awakened Legacy promises to deliver ‘streamlined and more enjoyable experience’ to all players that dare to try it.

It’s been a while since the latest big Aion update, therefore Awakened Legacy has something for everyone who was patience enough. The level cap was increased to 80, allowing players to access new skills and abilities for their characters.

The leveling campaign suffered massive changes, that will improve quest and progression flow. In the same time it makes the character’s path to max-level more difficult.
Players will have the chance to discover a vast new land called Lakrum, populated by mysterious new creatures and where a solemn fortress guarded by Jotun stand out.

Primeth’s Forge is the name of a new instance where you will face Ereshkigal’s troops who invaded the home and workshop of the Jotun’s greatest smith – Primeth.

Rifts, sieges, equipment, enchanting, cubics, transformations and a few other goodies are included in this massive update.
New players who register and log in to the game before November 9th are welcomed by NCsoft with a free Awakened Gala Gift Pack. If you’re wondering what’s inside the pack, well the following items are included: Party Night Costume, an assortment of ‘powerful transformation potions’ and three transformation scrolls.
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