Aion merged its European servers on February 3rd. Gameforge was incharge for this operation. The plan was to consolidate 13 servers and merged them into 5 servers. From the merged servers, three are in English (Antriksha, Deyla, and Hellion), one is in Deutsche (Loki) and one is in French (Hyperion). In the case of Antriksha, the server merge process didn’t went flawless. Antriksha emerged after Perento and Nexus, two English servers were merged with Zubaba, a Turkish server.                                                                             “On this particular server, the Turkish community is currently under heavy fire due to communicating in their own language on global channels and seeking for group members that are Turkish.” The future of the Antriksha server depends on two important actions. First one is ceasing of the almost racist behavior of the international community towards the Turkish players. The second one implies the accommodation of the Turkish players with other nationalities of players, which clearly requires them to get used with the English communication. The solution for this problem is mainly in the hands of the community.
Source> mmosite & vk



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