ArcheAge 3.5 “Efenov Legacy” landed on the Russian servers


ArcheAge 3.5 “Efenov Legacy” will be installed on the Russian servers today, May 18th. This new update features many interesting innovations such as: two new locations, changes in the ¬†trading system, efenov equipment, heroic levels and much more. The first of the new territory is called “Whalers Cove” and its located in west of Osh castle. Efen’Hal is the other new ¬†territory, located in the southwest of the original continent.
Update 3.5 also comes with a significantly revised trading system that includes factories, regional products, and transport ships, cruising between the east and west along two routes.
Fans of battle can become much stronger with the Efenov equipment, which includes armor, weapons and accessories. Seven new heroic levels will appear, allowing players to add a variety of bonuses to the existing skills.
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