As we mentioned a few days ago, a major update is set to launch on the Korean servers of ArcheAge on July 27th. The forthcoming update has a nautical theme and the most prominent content of this large-scale update is “Sea Battlefield: Traf Passe”. This is a full-fledged naval battle, powered by a full server integration. Through the ” Sea Battlefield: Traf Passe”, players can choose a ship according to their preference and situation, which will help them fight strategically and obtain great rewards.

Additionally, the titling system is reorganized, allowing players to use their own titles in person, and the fragments/decisions of the abyss acquired in the instance dungeon are changed so that all participants can acquire them. New sea monsters and new instance dungeon are also part of this update.
A short teaser trailer offers a visual look of the upcoming update.
Source> official-site


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