On October 12th, 2015, Black Desert became available to the Russian fans. GameNet was the publisher chosen by Pearl Abyss to deliver the game to the masses. The players’ interest regarding this well-crafted MMO overwhelmed the GameNet team at that moment, so the Open Beta start was a bit clumsy. But that was three years ago,.,now GameNet is facing a much bigger problem.

According to a recent post made on their official site, GameNet will no longer be the  publisher of Black Desert in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Apparently, the negotiations to renew the publishing agreement with Pearl Abyss, failed.
After 12th October, the Russian BDO players will step into ‘unknown territories’. There is no information regarding the way players will log into the game, or what will happen with their characters, achievements and accounts after 12th October. GameNet sends towards Pearl Abyss all the questions that came from the BDO player base.
We will keep you posted about this hot topic.
Source> official-site


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