As you may know, the Korean version of Bless Online suffered a complete Rebuild, last year. The western version of the game went through a rough period last year, after Aeria Games (Gamigo) announced that the medieval MMORPG will not be published in Europe and North America. After a few months of incertitude regarding the future of Bless Online in the West, we have good news for the game’s fans. Bless Online will reach to its western fans in May, via Steam early access program.

Neowiz states that the game will be buy-to-play with a cash shop selling “cosmetic equipment, skins, awesome mounts and pets, and consumables that give services and boosts”. The publisher also reassures the players that the game won’t be pay-to-win.

Also, the dev is currently looking for Emissaries who are willing to collaborate with the Bless team, in order to both improve the game’s experience and strengthen the community. More details on game’s website. Indulge yourself with the World of Bless trailer!
Source> massivelyop & official site


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