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Dekaron is a free Asian MMORPG video game published by GameHi. A North American version, directed by David Perry, was released by Acclaim Games under the title '2Moons'. Closed Beta Testing ended March 7, 2007. The full game was released in Q4 of 2007. Dekaron is completely free, and is supported by an optional paying item mall. In Dekaron, players control a single character, and move around a three-dimensional world, completing quests and defeating fiends (which may either be monsters, known in Dekaron as the Pitborn, or other players) to gain experience and become more powerful. In terms of player and player interaction, there is also a PVP option, and sometimes a PK (player killing) option outside safety zones.


When creating a character, players select one of seven classes. Each class offers various benefits and drawbacks, as well as access to different weapons, abilities, and skill trees. Unlike several other MMORPGs, there exist no races; the only character differentiation is through class. Once selected, character classes are permanent. Azure Knight, Segnale, Incar Magician, Segita Hunter, Vicious Summoner, Bagi Warrior and Aloken.