EverQuest II got its 13th expansion Kunark Ascending on November 15th. Everything was calm in the world of Norrath, until Daybreak decided to announce the game’s 14th expansion. Planes of Prophecy is the name of the forthcoming EverQuest II expansion, that will engage players in new exciting adventures to the planes..and more. Player will explore the perils and mysteries of the Plane of Magic, the Plane of Innovation, Solusek Ro’s Tower and the Plane of Disease, and many others. In your way through the planes, you will encounter many obstacles, including the Manaetic Behemoth, a mechanical sentinel. Planes of Prophecy is slated to launch this November, which means that Kunark Ascending will be on sale at 50% until October 9th.
More details about the future EQII expansion will be revealed in October.
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