Thurgadin will be a mix of three EverQuest 2 servers


Thurgadin will be a mix of three EverQuest 2 servers. Daybreak plans to consolidate the Splitpaw, Storms and Valor servers into a new server called Thurgadin. The server consolidation will start on Monday, April 18th at 09:00 am PDT. The consolidation process will be completed after a period of approximately 24 hours of downtime, so the EverQuest 2 server will become available to players Tuesday, April 19th at 09:00 am PDT.                 Important Notes for players:
– players should pick up No-Trade items from shared housing (such as Guild Halls) BEFORE this downtime. This will prevent losing ownership of placed items during server consolidation.
– when the consolidation is complete on Tuesday, players should delete their “logincache-eu” folder or else LaunchPad character logins may fail.                                                               If this new EverQuest 2 server would be a character It will probably look like the one from the image.
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