Experience Vial system is another piece from the GU 100 content. Until now, Daybreak unveiled The Island of Zek, the new Fabled Zones and the raids in Scourge Keep as parts of the upcoming EverQuest 2 content. GU 100 is a members-only content which will become available in EverQuest 2 on April 28th.                                                                             The Experience Vial System allows players to “bottle up” their earned experience in order to use it later or share it with a friend. Empty vials can be purchased by players from the Marketplace for Daybreak Cash. Once you fill up an empty vial, you will be able to claim a full vial which you can give to a friend or alt, sell on the broker, or even save for yourself for later. Each vial will from the Experience Vial system displays the following information:
– XP capacity – this is the amount of experience required to fill the vial;
– XP conversion rate – this is the efficiency of the vial;
This new system will be available in the Marketplace and usable by all players on regular servers.
Source> everquest2 & forum.daybreakgames



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