Treasure Hunts seems to be the last piece from the GU 100 content. The pieces unveiled until now by Daybreak are The Island of Zek, the new Fabled Zones, the raids in Scourge Keep and the Experience Vial system. GU 100 is a members-only content which will become available in EverQuest 2 on April 28th.                                                                           Once the GU 100 content becomes available, players can choose the solo version of the Wastes for the solo level timed treasure hunts. They can also bring some friends to the heroic wastes and experience the heroic level timed treasure hunts.                                 Your efforts to complete the heroic level timed hunts will be rewarded with a “dirty key”. I case your mind flew to kinky things you should call it back. The dirty key gives a chance to achieve a more valuable key when cleaned. Treasure chests will be spread all over the Wastes waiting to be opened.
Source> everquest2 & iamstillwater


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