Kunark Ascending is EverQuest II‘s 13th expansion and it’s getting ready to descend. Norrath remains in danger as Lanys T’Vyl seeks for more power in her pursuit to obtain the third and final Chaos Stone. Can you stand against the Tenets of Hate and defend Norrath from perish? Players can choose between three versions of the expansion:
– Standard Edition – which costs $34.99;
– Collector Edition – which costs $89.99;
– Premium Edition – which costs $139.99.
The price for all these versions remain the same, just like in the case of Terrors of Thalumbra, the 12th EQ2 expansion. It’s worth mentioning that those who are All Access Member will get a 10% discount from the cost of the expansion.
The key features of the Kunark Ascending Expansion are the following:
– all new dungeons for Solo, Heroic, and Raid parties alike.
– 4 new Ascension classes available to all max level characters!
– upgrade your epic weapon with all new Epic 2.0 Quests.
– gear Up Your Mercenaries – With the new mercenary equipment feature you can now equip your favorite Mercenaries with gear to increase their power.
– new Wardrobe Tab – Free up space with the new Wardrobe tab. Any relevant items placed into the Wardrobe will be converted into appearances and won’t take up any inventory slots!
Players must know that all editions include:
– access to all previous expansion content;
– Kunark Ascending Beta Access;
– Mercenary Gear Feature;
– Character Level 100 Boost.
If you purchase the expansion during the pre-order period you will get Arcanna’se Effigy of Rebirth. The 13th EverQuest II expansion launches on November 15th.
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EverQuest II – new expansion video preview


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