Daybreak invites all EverQuest players to participate at a Ragefire voting. Players must now vote in order to unlock The Shadows of Luclin content on the Ragefire progression server. If
the vote passes on Ragefire, players will be able to enjoy the new content starting from Monday, October 31st, 2016 at 12:01 am PDT. If the vote doesn’t pass, the system will offer two-week long votes starting every other Monday until a majority of players on the Ragefire server vote to unlock this content. Also, players need to have in mind that some NPCs and game features may require an hour or so to appear correctly in-game after this content unlocks.

In other news, a recent patch added to the game “manage” to delete many guilds and guild villages across several of the game’s servers. All affected players “knocked at Daybreak’s door” and the developer reports that it’s on the case.
Source> official-site & massivelyop


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