Familiar Key Ring is something the EverQuest players will appreciateĀ once the Empires of Kunark goes live. The Familiar Key Ring provides 10 slots in which players can store their familiar friends. It allows you to add and remove familiars from the Key Ring at any time. The Key Ring also provides to the EQ players the ability to apply the stats of one familiar to the appearance of another, giving to players more ways to customize their companion in-game. More over, pet classes that previously had to decide between having a familiar or a combat pet specific to their class can now have both out at the same time. Each character from you account will get a Familiar Key Ring with 10 slots and for those who want more space, the Marketplace or an expansion upgrade will solve their problem. EverQuest: Empires of Kunark is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, November 16th.
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