As the first part of patch 3.5 – The Far Edge of Fate moves towards Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix introduces new camera features. While the actual camera features offers all sorts of options that allows players to create the ideal screenshot, dev wants more by adding a vast amount of additions to the gpose feature. The list of new additions that will be added to the group pose contains the following:
・ Addition of extra commands – both “Group Pose” and “Idle Camera” will be added to the “Extra” category of the action list window.
・ Addition of color settings and expansion to the number of light positions – you will be able to set up three separate light sources.
・ Addition of color filter patterns – seven new filters and color variantions are available.
・ Addition of screen effects – 10 different layer effects have been added.
・ Addition of angle of view and roll angle adjustments – the zoom in and out feature has been extended.
・ Addition of a frame feature – a picture and torn paper frames added.
・ Addition of status expression.
・ Group pose support for certain NPCs – you can include certain NPCs inyour group poses.
・ Loop support for certain emotes – allows you to loop your favorite poses and emotes in order to make it even easier to capture the perfect moment.
Patch 3.5 – The Far Edge of Fate will be deployed on January 17th.
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