Metin 2 is one MMORPG developed by Ymir Entertainment (now owned by Webzen) and  which was released in Korea, in 2004. This days, Metin 2 received an update called The Arboreal Menace – Scourge of the Undergrowth. With this update, the Metin 2 players will experience the following changes:
– new level cap : 120;
– new dungeon : The Arboreal Menace (repeatable quest from level 95 on Chaos in the Enchanted Forest, 4 new armors for all classes, new shoes);
– implementation of a drop dice system for all bosses, kings and metins, not normal monsters;
– new shop search (Looking Glass marks the private shop with an arrow effect once an item is selected in search, to guide the player to the offering shop; trading Glass buys the item directly on selection);
– new skills (7th and 8th one);
The 7th skill:
> Reduces damage of certain class skills by percentage;
> No special requirements needed to learn a 7th skill;
> To learn a 7th skill a Ward Manual is needed;
> To raise a skill level up to M skill points OR 7th skill manuals can be used;
> All 7th skills are passive skills.
The 8th skill:
> Bonus damage added to specific class skills by percentage;
> Requirements: 7th skill must be on perfect master and basic specialization skill hast to be leveled (at min. 2 skill points set);
> 8th skills can get learned by Boost Manuals;
> 8th skill will be defined by character’s basic skill and can’t be chosen by player directly;
> To raise 8th skill skill points or 8th skill manuals can be used;
> All 8th skills are passive skills.
– sash system renewal including new sash items;
– pickaxe/fishing pole renewal;
– AMR changes;
– Halloween Event.
Also, the dev made some bugfixes regarding the pets, the spawns and other game features. Enjoy the short trailer which announces the The Arboreal Menace!
Source> metin2


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