Metin 2 had an exciting and sometimes thrilling year, according to Ymir Games. After a team-building with the guys from Webzen Korea, the dev promises more competition for 2016 . Among the new changes that will make Metin 2 more entertaining, the developer mentioned the following ones:
– a small but effective change for currency (Yang) and trading, new shortcut keys and a feature for hunting, will come at the beginning of 2016. Also, players will be able to skip the intro videos;
– some fixes for balancing will be made after the Ester season; it will be implemented a great renewal of guild features (including guild wars);
– a new PvP option will be added in second half of 2016 and a huge PvE update (for all level ranges) will be made at the end of the year.
Ymir Games and Webzen are promising that they will try to materialize the constructive feedback and wishes that may come from players.
Source> metin2 & Ferdiferrah


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