Metin 2, the hack-n-slash MMORPG published by Gameforge in the West, celebrates its 10th anniversary and gets the version 17.0 update. While the three kingdoms are decked with festive banners, monsters decided to hijack the celebration by stealing the colorful Party Flags. To restore the anniversary atmosphere you are encouraged to hunt this monsters and collect as many flags as you can get. Visit the NPC Cherie to exchange your flags for special rewards. For a limited period of time, a special Anniversary Merchant will travel around. An Anniversary Special Boss Reaper event is ongoing and players must hunt down the Shadow Warrior so they achieve Anniversary Coins.
Also, a bunch of improvements have been added by the publisher:
– All items offered will now be displayed on one page when using the Kashmir Bundle. Two pages are only displayed when setting up the shop.
– When using the Kashmir Bundle, the shop title will be placed higher than other shops.
– A new option is available for Auto-Hunting which allows you to fight outside the fixed radius. (Note: The character will then move around within the map!)
– All quests now provide information via quest scroll when active. Previously this information was restricted to a blinking arrow above the NPC.
– Improved the drop of herbs from the monsters En-Tai Sovereign and Jotun Thrym.
– The Teleporter in the Enchanted Forest has been moved near the spawn point.
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