Ragnarok Online works on a new big update. A couple of days ago the publisher, had received the data for this new RO big update from the dev’s team. The Gravity team will work on localization and testing before this new update goes up on Sakray, the test server. This new RO update will feature a new map/navigation system which adds to the game’s worldmap (see the images bellow). Now, the Hero’s Trail Part III update is live on the Sakray test server. The sakray exe can be found in RO’s install directory. Those who are interested can test the new instances and the newest feature called raised zeny vending cap.
Source> RO-Facebook-page

ragnarok-online-big-update-new-map-mmorpg-news ragnarok-online-big-update-new-map-mmorpg-news-2 ragnarok-online-big-update-new-map-mmorpg-news-3


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