A Rebel job will soon be added in Ragnarok Online. This job update project called Rebellion will be added on the Japan server on May 17th. The Japanese version of Ragnarok Online is published by Gung Ho Online Entertainment. Players can access the Rebel job only if they have a Gunslinger class who is at base level 99 and job level 70, along with a chain of quests.
Once this job update becomes available, Rebels can switch between five different weapons. They will have at their disposal pistol, rifle, shotgun, gatling gun and grenade launcher. Each
weapon will provide a different set of skills to the player. “In addition, the upper limit of the level and status of Kageokami and Oboro will become: base level 165, job level 60 and status 130.”¬†For now, there are no information regarding a possible launch of this content on the English server.
Source> mmoculture & ragnarokonline.gungho


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