What future updates we will see in Ragnarok Online? The answer to this question is offered by Sung Gi Chul, the new chief manager of Ragnarok Studio. The dev’s team will add new instances like Nightmare Old Glastheim/Nightmare Biolabs in the near future. A bug fix update will be delivered during this month. The actual UI system will also get a rework. With no plans for the Auction House, dev’s team considers adding a “Vendor NPC” system, which will allow players to hire an NPC in order to trade items with other players. With the Rebel class (Rebellion) recently updated, Gravity intends to make other class updates in 2017. The second costume system will be revealed soon. Aiming to bring more adventures to players, the dev’s team is currently developing a new continent which will expand the northern side of Midgard.
Source> official-site & deviantart


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