Nexon heralds that Riders of Icarus became more challenging as the Fractura update went live. This new update was build around a new dungeon with the same name as the update. Fractura is a raid dungeon that allows parties of up to 10 players who are level 54 and above, to challenge some formidable enemies. Take the fight through this raid dungeon and tame the mighty Rodesh. New Legendary jewelry awaits you and your fellow Riders in the Fractura dungeon. Heart of Stygaea, is a piece of forsaken land where Riders from all servers can compete in order to obtain new familiars. This update also includes a number of 7 new familiars that can be discovered and tamed. Furthermore, a new PvP dungeon called King Hadakhan’s Prison is packed with three bosses, which have a 3 hour respawn time. A new system called “Jewelry Tempering”, allows Riders to temper their jewelry, similar to other equipment.
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