Rise of the Trickster is the next big thing moving towards Riders of Icarus. The most notable features of this forthcoming update are the introduction of the new Trickster class, the level cap will be increased to 60, several new zones and new familiars. “The Shaling are an ancient race, comprised of female beings that are older than their appearance may tell.[…] In combat, Ellora’s favored trickster boasts a lethal combination of delightful and dangerous.” Akrat Plains and Elder’s Bastion are two new zones in which the brave Riders can adventure.
The majestic Gorgos, Lagosha, and the legendary beast Aidus are some of the unique familiars that will be introduced with Rise of the Trickster.
Players who reach level 15 or higher on any character before June 30th will receive a free Rise of Trickster Launch Pack. Riders of Icarus will receive this update on July 6th.
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