Nexon introduces NX Plus, a new section of Ellora’s Shop. This new feature will be introduces to Riders of Icarus with the next update. Nexon explains: “Riders can buy items within the NX Plus  tab with NX Prepaid and those items are tradable or can be sold on the Auction House! This new feature will allow more Riders access to more items from Ellora’s Shop.” In other words, the game will allow for the resale of some cash shop items to other players in the game for gold. Only NX Prepaid can be used to buy items on the NX Plus tab. Mounts, familiar skins, lucky boxes and more will be available on the NX-Plus section in a rotation system.
In other news, during this month, giant Halloween pumpkins will appear all over, along with the Legendary versions of the Lavalight Cave, Carleon Manor and Ruins the Matren dungeons.
Source> official-site


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