The new Ranger’s Fury update is only a few days away from reaching Riders of Icarus. This forthcoming update includes an increased level cap, a new desert zone, new pets, and of course the Ranger class. The game’s level cap will be increased to 50, allowing players to reach new heights of power with their Rider’s. Cloying Wastes is a new desert wasteland that lies to the west of Hakain’s Crossing. “Riders must set out from the village of Alseik and overcome the debilitating heat as they travel the expanse to discover two new dungeons: The Temple of Sands and the Fortress of Sorrows!”

Trinoceros, Shakiba and Poyo are the new familiars that can be discovered in the vast expanse of the desert. Finally, the Ranger class becomes available. “Leveraging their skills with the bow and vambrace interchangeably, Rangers provide an invaluable service to the kingdom under the leadership of Crow and the Onyx Order. As special agents in the Onyx Order, Rangers are both revered and shunned as they carry out missions for the Kingdom of Hakanas.” Nexon also states that players with level 15+ characters who register to play
before December 9th will receive a themed launch pack that includes a 7-day premium pass, costume, skin, and makeover voucher.
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