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Shaiya is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It was created by Sonov Entertainment and it was released on May 14th 2007 . It is published by Aeria Games & Entertainment Inc. The game places great emphasis on teamwork, socializing, and building relationships between players. New players have the choice to join either of the Two Factions: The Alliance of Light (light side), or the Union of Fury (dark side). There is no significant difference between the two other than graphics. A player must delete all of his/her characters before he/she is allowed to change factions. Many instead chose to create a second account to play the other faction, thus having two accounts: one for the Alliance of Light, and the other for the Union of Fury. There are 4 races in Shaiya, Although because there are two pairs which are essentially identical, it really is more like having 2 races but 4 different race names. Players from the Alliance of Light may chose to be Human or Elf, while those who join the Union of Fury have the choice to play as Death Eaters or Vail. Humans and Death Eaters are one pair, while Elves and Vail are the other. Players may chose from 12 class names (although, like race names, only 6 are different, and the other 6 are simply a different name for the same class). A player's choice of Class is restricted by their choice of Race, which in turn is restricted by their choice of Faction. Humans may be Fighters, Defenders, or Priests. Elves may be Rangers, Archers, or Mages. Death Eaters may be Warriors, Guardians, or Hunters, and Vail may be Assassins, Paegans, or Oracles. Shaiya consists of 4 difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ultimate. Shaiya has several battle-fields in which players from Opposing Factions are engaged in a never-ending conflict. There are various maps for different level ranges. The level ranges for the various Faction PvP maps are: 1-15, 20-30, 40+.