Conan Exiles, the open-world survival game developed by Funcom is currently in Early Access stage, as the developers (and not only) are constantly imporoving the game. Since January 31st, when the game entered the Early Access phase, the developer added a ton of patches and many new features.

In a recent dev blog post, Funcom take a moment to recap all the important updates that have been added to the game since January. The studio mentions the new Dregs dungeon, mods, the Trebuchet war-machine, the dyeing system, new gear, ruin system, additional server settings and a new exploit hunters program. The introduction of Conan Exiles Dev kit, is probably one of the most appreciate feature, allowing anyone to make mods for the game. Using the Unreal 4 Engine any player can make cool new content for Conan Exiles and share it with the community.
In a moment of generosity, Funcom decided to kick of its first ever discount sale for Conan Exiles. “Gamers can now get the Standard Edition at 20% off and the Barbarian Edition at 10% off through Steam, Green Man Gaming, and other online stores. The Steam Midweek Madness Sale runs until April 14th.”
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