Elysium Project, the Ukraine-based WoW Vanilla emulator appears to have lost its allure. On January 13th, Elysium opened a new PvP realm called Zeth’Kur, in order to solve the long queues of players, anxious for some Vanilla. Well, now after three months since Zeth’Kur went live, Elysium announced that it opened the characters’ transfer from the less popular Zeth’Kur to the other three WoW realms. Players who don’t choose a destination server for their characters, will notice that their characters will be moved to the Elysium realm. Consider this announce as the first realm merge operated by Elysium.

Also, recently Elysium decided to do a full relocation of its servers. It seems that their partnership with the French cloud computing company OVH ended. Elysium relocated its servers in a country with Glorious leadership (and this country is not North Korea).
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