NCsoft’s first MOBA Master X Master prepares the ground for its competitive play. The MXM Ranked preseason began, and for four-weeks it will allow players to get into Titan Ruins matches and get used with its additional systems. To get in you must be at least level 40 and have 12 Masters unlocked. Ranked Season One is scheduled to start on August 16th. The ranked mode is where players will discover the game’s true competition. The game’s
unique Tag mechanic along with the stats enhancements (Nodes) create the perfect conditions for Masters to fight on the battlegrounds in order to achieve victory. NCsoft will reward all participants, and those who finish in the top 100 ranks of the preseason will get additional prizes.
Beside announcing the MXM Ranked preseason, NCsoft previews its first post-launch Master – Yuri. This upcoming Master is a melee-based juggernaut and talented martial artist. More details
about Yuri will be revealed in the coming weeks, before its official release in early August.
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