For those of you who were to busy with summer activities, ChinaJoy 2017 opened its gates. As we previously mentioned, Webzen will use this opportunity to reveal two new games based on the MU Online IP. A video trailer with one of Webzen’s future titles MU: Awakening, has been showcased at the ongoing Shanghai gaming exhibition – ChinaJoy. Considered as a sequel of MU Origin, MU Awakening features improved game graphic quality and hunting screen, compared with previous title – MU Origin. MU: Awakening is being developed with the purpose of delivering improved graphics, detailed game scenarios, world view and over 1.5 times more game content than MU Origin. A brief presentation of game’s character classes, battlegrounds and boss monsters. Tencent Games will conduct the second Closed Beta Test of MU: Awakening from August 3rd, and after further development it will be released in China in the second half of 2017.
The second title, dubbed as MU: The Ultimate Giant is a game co-produced and developed by Webzen and Tarren, also scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year.
Source> inven


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