NCsoft held a conference call in which the gaming studio revealed its 2Q earnings and announced its future plans regarding Lineage M. NCsoft’s vice president Yoon Jae-soo made public the studio’s 2Q earnings that are summarized in the charts bellow.

As you can see, NCsoft reports a slight increase of its 2Q sales, operating profit, pre-tax income and net income compared with 1Q. While only YoY (year over year) sales registered a 8% increase, the rest of studio’s earnings decreased with up to 66%.
The recent launch of Lineage M generated a huge growth for NCsoft’s mobile games field, reaching at 93.7 billion Won ($83 million) and is expected to see a full-fledged growth from the 3Q.

On the other hand, Lineage M’s success also generated a 34% fell for Lineage sales, which reached only 33.8 billion Won ($30 million), 1/3 from the sales generated in 2Q 2016.
The other titles from NCsoft portfolio like Aion, Lineage 2, Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2 are all reporting lower sales.
NCsoft’s CFO also offered details about Lineage’s future content and overseas expansion. First, the inter-personal (user-to-user) transactions is an economic system that allows players to exchange goods and item one by one, and it will be implemented throughout the year. Second, NCsoft plans to release Lineage M in Taiwan, followed by Japan and China.
Source> gamemeca


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