Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer that brought Black Desert into our lives, runs an internship program. The Black Desert developer intends to recruit a total of 29 interns (10 planners, 15 programmers and 4 QA) by March 31st. From all interns, only those who are expected to graduate or graduate in February 2018 will be suitable for full-time employment through internal evaluation. The recruitment process begins with a document screening, followed by a face-to-face interview. The selected interns will be assigned to work for six months on Black Desert.
“We plan to hire for a full-time job even during the internship period if it is judged to be a talent for the company”, stated Pearl Abyss. The Korean developer is commited to offer to
interns the same benefits as it offers to the regular employees. Based on this criteria, interns will be paid with 80% from the regular salary. Even more, the list of benefits offered to the selected interns include: a monthly subsidy of 500,000 Won ($440), childcare for underage children, free breakfast and lunch, free access to in-house cafeterias and in-house beauty salons.
Beside the internship program, Pearl Abyss is also recruiting programmers, game sounds and promotional designers. Those recruited, will have to pass through a 3 months work evaluation with contract work before getting a full-time position. It’s no surprise that Pearl Abyss seeks to add “fresh spirit” to its development team if we take into consideration the high rate of updates added to Black Desert along with the development of the mobile version of BDO.
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