Dark and Light, the open world sandbox MMORPG developed by Snail Games has over one month since it started the Steam Early Access. The game’s launch on Steam was a bit bumpy, with countless bugs and glitches which led to mixed reviews from the community. Snail Games learn from its mistakes and decided to improve the way it communicates with fans by releasing the Archos Herald.
As the things went back to normal, the dev team shares with the fans an instructional video series, meant to help the players. The latest DaL ‘educational’ video focuses on taming the wild.
“The land of Archos can be dangerous, and it is sometimes better to adventure with a friend”, states the dev. In order to start taming, you will need to craft a bow or crossbow which ¬†you must use to shoot the animals a couple of time to fatigue them. Once the animal loses consciousness, you will switch to sweet-talk them a bit by feeding them food and water.
If you think that the shooting process ended, well you must know that the success of taming depends your constant watch of the animal along with shooting a arrow from time to time in your wild.
What do you think of this taming process, is to savage or normal?
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