The Death Star DLC expansion is probably a few day away from reaching the Star Wars Battlefront servers. With the release date knocking at the door, EA & DICE are offering some insights regarding the new characters that will be added with this new DLC expansion. Chewbacca, everyone’s favorite Wookiee has more health than most of the heroes and a light armor which allows him to be the much-needed Rebel tank. Armed with a bowcaster, Chewbacca possesses some tricks that help him become more powerful on the battlefront.


Bossk is the bounty hunter that comes along with the Death Star DLC expansion. The dev’s team have transformed Bossk into a destructive and nasty opponent, which also has the skills to escape from dangerous situations. Armed with its classic Relby-v10, Bossk becomes a difficult enemy that requires a lot of attention. He is also capable of some interesting trick that will make him an enemy from which you can’t get rid of. A teaser trailer has been released, followed by the full trailer, tomorrow, September 16th.
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