PlayStation VR, the Sony’s response to the already consecrated Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, is scheduled to launch on October 13th. Around 50 new games, patched VR support for existing
games, miscellaneous apps and demos will be available for free straight from day one, October 13th. Among the PS VR titles that will be available from the launch day, players will
discover Driverclub VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Batman: Arkham VR, Tumble VR and PlayStation VR Worlds. The official EU PS Store revealed the file sizes for some on the PS VR titles mentioned above. For example, Driveclub VR requires 17.9 GB from your PS4 HDD, being the largest VR title from the list. Meanwhile, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood needs 12.4 GB, Batman: Arkham VR requires 8GB, PlayStation VR Worlds needs 7.6 GB and Tumble VR only 2.6 GB. Bear in mind that many other PS VR games are on the anvil and some existing games will get patches later down the line. Your console or external drive will probably accommodate most of these titles without having to delete too much. Also, the UK-based developer, nDreams announced that its  story-based virtual reality game, The Assembly, will launch on PS4 with PS VR on October 13th, for $30.
Source> wccfech


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