We all know that video games can often become addictive for some players. Either is a great game, or has a story that resonates with the one of the player, or is popular among their friends, there’s always a “good” reason for playing that game often. Despite the age, the game addiction “touches” players from all around the world.

According to Inven, the Chinese authorities aim to introduce a “shutdown system” that will block the use of games during the night in order to prevent the game addiction among teenagers. The Chinese’ intentions are to restrict the use of online games everyday from midnight to 8:00 am for everyone who is under 18 years old, along with some further internet access blocks. According to this Ordinance, every computer from internet cafes, and public institutions, but also the smartphone terminals must have installed software that blocks the internet access of minors, and this software must be installed at the time of shipment or before sale. This is not the first time when China is┬átrying to prevent teenagers from becoming game addicted.
Source> inven


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