Shaiya is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It was created by Sonov Entertainment and it was released on May 14th 2007. It is published by Aeria Games & Entertainment Inc. The game places great emphasis on teamwork, socializing, and building relationships between players. New players have the choice to join either of the Two Factions: The Alliance of Light (light side), or the Union of Fury (dark side). Now after this short “wiki” presentation, let’s get back to business.
First of all the Mounts comeback are being extended until July 28th, so players will have the rare opportunity to own all the best Mounts living in the lands of Shaiya. Also, starting today, the Serpent’s Tier and its Bonus Tier, will bring you the following goodies:
– 3 x Mileage 5000 for 14999 AP!
– Effulgent Helmet Mystery Box
– Protector’s Lapisia
– Assault Lapisia
– Chaos Crafting Hammer
– Infinite Crafting Hammer
– Safety Scroll
– Premium Recreaction Runes
– Operators Exclusive
– Lucky Charm
– Stat Lapis Level 7 and Level 8
– Perfect Linking Hammer
– Red Pebble
– Non-stackable OJ
For more details go on Shaiya official website.
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