It’s not the first time when politics intervene in the gaming world, and not in a good way. According to some industry sources, the Chinese government has recently decided to ban the release of new games developed by South Korean studios in China. It seems that the Chinese authorities “unofficially told Chinese firms not to distribute games supplied by South Korean companies”. This “unofficial” measure taken against the South Korean companies appears to be related to the military actions taken by USA in South Korea.

To be more precise, North America is installing a new THAAD missile defense system in South Korea as a response to the recent nuclear exercises made by North Korea. The Chinese government considers the USA’s actions as a threat to its own national security. This unofficial ban has already caused some damage among the Korean developers. Nexon, one of the most important developers from Korea saw it’s shares falling with 7%, as the Chinese market plays an important role on studios revenues. If the Chinese government ban continues, many important titles that are scheduled to be released in the near future will be affected.
Source> mmoculture


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