Age of Wushu 2, the upcoming sandbox survival MMO developed by Snail Games aims to generate hype among fans with a new trailer. In this new video trailer, which unfortunately has a poor quality, you will be able to see two characters fighting each other, and an expedition over the game’s world. A small lake, deep forests, meadows with flowers and even a mushroom that lays in the shade of a tree, are all contained in this new trailer.
Also, in the latest letter from the producer, Snail Games offers details about the water system:
– You will be able to bring water to your garden beds (in other words, there is irrigation).
– In the game you will find water wells.
– You will be able to grow fruits, grains, herbs, and not only (and without water will not be able to do it).
– Water is also used in cooking, medicine and even while practicing some martial arts.
– In hot weather, your character is advisable to drink plenty of water (otherwise it will get various debuffs).
Source> goha


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