NAT Games may sound familiar to you due to Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT), a hack-n-slash action RPG for mobile devices, launched in November 2015. A partnership made with Nexon brought this mobile hack-n-slash RPG directly on the mobile platforms of all fans from around the world.

According to the Korean media, NAT Games appealed again to Nexon for the publishing rights of its second game. The future game will be crafted using Unreal Engine 4 and according to the publishing contract will be titled “Overheat”. Described as a mobile RPG, with its gameplay focused on “fostering, strengthening, collecting and growing various heroes”, “Overheat” is set to launch at the end of this year. The price paid by Nexon for the publishing right of this future game is around $13 million. With a team of 186 employees, NAT Games also started to work on its third game which goes by the code-name “Next Game 2”. Labeled to be a MMORPG ( no platform yet specified) “Next Game 2” will go live in 2019.
Source> mmoculture


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