Lineage and Lineage II are two of the most popular MMORPGs from NCsoft’s portfolio. With more and more gamers migrating to the mobile devices, there is no surprise that the game developers are trying to keep up and make their customers happy. This year in June, the first game from the Lineage series received a mobile version called Lineage M, which quickly dominated the Korean charts. For now, NCsoft didn’t reveal a schedule plan for the western version of this mobile MMORPG, but released something else.

Well, during a media event, the Korean game developer, showcased a cinematic trailer for another mobile title, called Lineage II M (cousin of Lineage M). The upcoming mobile MMORPG will be crafted using Unreal Engine 4, making it compatible with high-end devices. Among the features of this future game, NCsoft mentioned a seamless world (no loading of maps), a possibly a “one world” concept, in other words, all players will be in one single channel.
Enjoy the cinematic trailer as we wait for new details about it!
Source> mmoculture


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