Master X Master or MXM will have is first alpha test


Master X Master or MXM, caught our attention over a year ago. For those of you who don’t know what MXM is, we gonna offer some details:
– it combines characters from Aion, Blade & Soul, Guild Wars 2, Lineage and WildStar;
– mixes elements like action and shooting together;
– players can levitate, roll and collimate in the game;
– uses a TAG system, which allows players to choose two heroes before they enter into the battlefield; players can switch between heroes and is skills during the battle;
– it uses several modes, like “3v3 Battle Training”, “4v4 Occupation Battle”, “5v5 Titan’s Relic” and “Master’s sport’s meeting.
This summer, NCSoft and Intel signed a contract which involves building a new server structure, a new and improved user experience and the use of Intel Real Sense technology.
November 25th was chosen by NCSoft and Tencent (the publisher or MXM in China) as the date when the first alpha test will be performed. Players will need a key to get into the alpha test. We will keep you posted with any other information regarding this.
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