RF Online 2 sounds good for you? RF Online (aka Rising Force Online) is a 3D sci-fi MMORPG developed by CCR Inc and released in February 2006. RF Online was published by Games Campus in the last few years.                                                                               This year, at the end of January, RF Online ended the collaboration with Games Campus and signed an agreement with RedFox. Under the RedFox umbrella, RF Online launched a new server on March 15th. Now, CCR Inc, the Korean developer revealed a trademark for RF Online 2. It was listed as a “downloadable software” for various platforms, including virtual
reality. We can assume that CCR will make an official announcement regarding the RF2 project sometime soon.
Source> mmoculture & deviantart



  1. not that it matters much, but rf was definitely not published by Games Campus since the start for the English version. First there was CodeMasters for a couple of years, then after that license expired, CCR hosted it themselves for a year or so, then Fail Campus got the licensing rights before their CEO quit and started RedFox.


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